Wait list

Patients are listed by the first two letters of their first and last names.

  1. Li Co
  2. Ke Do
  3. Ri Ab
  4. Ke ze
  5. Jo
  6. El De
  7. Be Ri
  8. Fr Mc
  9. Hi Va
  10. Ud Sa
  11. Al Li
  12. Br Ga
  13. Hi Te
  14. Ma We
  15. El Bi
  16. Ly Al
  17. Ly Kr
  18. Ju Qu
  19. Dr He
  20. Je Ma
  21. Bi Pi
  22. Mi Ou
  23. Su Sc
  24. Da Zy
  25. Se Fl
  26. Je Bl
  27. Je An
  28. Kr De
  29. Ti Fr
  30. Ke Ca
  31. Sa Mu
  32. An Fa
  33. Ro Va
  34. Ta Ma
  35. Ka Ka

How the wait list works:
At the end of each week, if I have openings left the following week, I offer them to the everyone on the wait list and give them out according to the order on the wait list. I am no longer giving firm appointments far out due the unpredictability of the needs for those who have not yet been evaluated. Once you have reached the top of the wait list I will reach out to you with firm dates if you have not been able to get in on a last-minute opening.

Getting in sooner on a last-minute opening:
When I have last-minute openings I will send an email to everyone on the wait list giving a deadline to respond (e.g. “6pm tonight”) if they are able to make it. I offer the appointment to the highest person on the list able to make it after the deadline has passed.

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