Meet Dr. Balzer

Farren Balzer PT, DPT

Owner and Physical Therapist

Dr. Balzer graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Connecticut. During her studies there, she began to specialize in pelvic health after becoming completely enthralled with this area of study. After graduation she went directly into the pelvic health specialty at a private outpatient clinic. After years of negotiating with insurance companies trying to advocate for her patients, she realized that the best way to give higher quality care to her patients was to bypass the insurance red tape. In 2020 she decided it was time to open Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, LLC and create an opportunity for healing on her patient’s terms with healing being the only focus.

Dr. Balzer has dedicated her life to not only healing patients with pelvic health conditions, but also by educating future physical therapists about this patient population. She currently gives the guest lecture on Pelvic Health to the Doctor of Physical Therapy students at both The University of Connecticut and Quinnipiac University.

Prior to attending UCONN, Dr. Balzer was a massage therapist in Tucson, AZ and fell in love with anatomy and physiology. As a result, she is a highly skilled manual therapist with in-depth knowledge of myofascial and trigger point techniques.  While pelvic health is her specialty, she also treats all orthopedic conditions throughout the body and is adept at holistic therapy and looking at the whole being, not just the parts.

When not helping patients, Dr. Balzer enjoys family time with her husband and children, being active in the great outdoors, cooking, and perfecting her home brew wine.

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