Say Goodbye to Insurance Barriers!

Transparent Pricing

$75 for a 1/2 hour
$150 for an hour (required for initial evaluation visit, and prenatal preventative session)
$225 for 90 minutes

Forms of payment accepted: Cash, Check, or Zelle.
I don’t accept payment methods that charge fees in order to keep my fees low for you!

I am out-of-network for all insurance companies

so that I can offer a higher standard of care.

I am able to assist you with what you feels needs attention, give you the time you feel you need, and have as many sessions as you want at the frequency that you desire.

Most insurances offer out-of-network benefits, so you may be eligible for partial reimbursement as well as being able to put the cost of care toward your deductible. After each session I will provide a “superbill” containing all the information and codes required for submission. Be sure to check with your insurance company to find out what your out-of-network benefits are prior to your first visit.

Why no Insurance?

In the era of high deductibles, most of the patients I saw in a standard clinic were footing most if not all of the bill themselves, just to go toward a deductible they were likely never going to reach. Visits were limited to 30 minutes, the number of visits was capped, and my caseload was extremely high, often seeing up to 17 patients per day.

By not taking insurance, I can keep my costs down, allowing me to offer my higher quality services at standard self-pay rates. Why go to a packed therapy office when you can have 1:1 private sessions with your doctor for the same cost?

How to Submit For Out-Of-Network Benefits

If you are planning to submit your bill to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement, please do the following prior to your appointment (to avoid any surprises):

  • Ask your provider to fax a referral to (860) 969-4548 if they have not done so already (alternatively you may bring it with you if it is in your possession).
  • Call your insurance company and ask the following questions:
    • What are your out-of-network benefits (e.g. what percentage do they cover vs. your responsibility)?
    • Is there a deductible you are responsible for prior to out-of-network benefits kicking in?
    • How do they want you to submit the bill?
    • Do they require a pre-authorization, prior-authorization, or pre-certification prior to the first appointment or for continuation of care? If so, please have them fax the form to (860) 969-4548.

You will receive a “superbill” (fancy name for detailed receipt) after our sessions which will contain all the codes and information required by insurance for any out-of-network benefits.

Important Note on Medicare

Dr. Balzer does not have a relationship with Medicare, and as a result special rules apply. Please contact me directly to discuss this further if this is your situation.

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