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“Hands down the best PT I have seen! Very professional and charismatic! She knows all the answers to my health questions and gives me guidance on how to improve my day to day lifestyle. I’m very grateful that I took the step to setting up my first appointment with her. It’s been the best experience by far! Thank You Kindly for all that you do!” – Alex, Westfield, MA

“I’ve had IC since my early 20s. It would flare for a year or two, then seem to go away – sometimes for 10 years or more. In the past 2 and a half years, it came back stronger than ever before. The only relief I could find was eliminating dietary triggers (tomatoes, citrus, etc.) and taking Desert Harvest Aloe, but these still didn’t allow me to live a “normal” life. I heard of pelvic floor therapy and found Farren. After a month and a half of nearly weekly sessions, my pelvic floor muscles relaxed and stopped triggering my bladder. She also taught me how to use a pelvic wand to massage out the knots that occur in the pelvic floor like they may in a neck or back. I’m completely off the aloe pills (which were very expensive) and can eat tomatoes without sense of urgency. I no longer get up 2-3 times a night to use the bathroom. I highly recommend pelvic floor PT with Farren to anyone suffering from IC.” – Celeste, Glastonbury, CT

“Dr. Balzer is incredible! She is very knowledgeable, supportive, and optimistic. She gave me hope that my issues could be fixed when I felt totally hopeless. She treats her patients with compassion, respect, empathy, and dignity. After carrying two babies and having two C-sections, I ended up with some abdominal and pelvic floor issues that I didn’t even know could exist. I felt like I would never be back to my normal self and had no idea what to do. I will forever be grateful for her expertise, as her treatment and education helped me to heal the issues I was having and gave me the ability to return to life without pain and restrictions. I would highly recommend her to anyone!” – Susan, Simsbury, CT

“Dr. Balzer is a truly caring, knowledgeable, and empowering provider. I found her after circling through a handful of other pelvic floor physical therapists that left me feeling confused and somewhat broken. Dr. Balzer educated me on my condition and infused so much hope and confidence into my recovery path. I felt fully attended to and cared for, knowing that all of my questions and concerns would be thoroughly addressed. She puts a TON of energy into each appointment, with a clear goal of equipping her patients with the tools and understanding they need to go forward and continue their healing process. I can’t say enough good things. You’ll be in great hands!” – Christie, Weatogue, CT

“I’m so happy to have found Dr. Balzer. She is an incredible resource and I found her prenatal preventative visit both informative and empowering. She took the time to make sure all of my questions we’re answered, and provided me with practical and realistic tips to help prepare for optimal birth and recovery. Looking forward to working with her postpartum as well!” – Bethany, Canton, CT

“I cannot say enough amazing things about Farren! After having my 3 children, I have scar tissue from giving birth- the scar tissue create pain and discomfort during intercourse and I had some hypertonic muscles in my pelvic floor. With the help of Farren in just a few visits that discomfort is gone! I can feel when my pelvic floor contacts AND when it relaxes- I couldn’t feel that before!! Farren is also helping me with my SI joints- these have caused constant pain for over 8 years. After 5 visits, this is the first time since giving birth to baby #3 almost 2 years ago that I was able to sleep for a week without a pillow between my legs for support. I think all women should see a pelvic floor PT now matter what life stage you’re at- I highly recommend Pelvic Health Physical Therapy!” – Samantha, New Hartford, CT

“Farren is a great find. She is a highly skilled physical therapist, thorough, compassionate and professional. Her knowledge is impressive and I appreciate her willingness to teach as she treats. Great find!” – Teresa, Avon, CT

“I am so so glad I found Farren! She has helped me manage my pelvic floor pain and really takes the time to educate her patients and make them feel at ease and comfortable.” – Sunshine, Glastonbury, CT

“So happy I found Farren Balzer! I was starting to have some issues during pregnancy and she helped me get back on track and feel as normal as I could. Extremely knowledgeable, gives you all the information and more to help make pregnancy easier and healthier, as well as labor and delivery in the future. Very personable and a great listener with the perfect amount of hands on to make you feel comfortable. I cannot recommend her enough, if you have pregnancy complications, post pregnancy complications or just want to be the healthiest you can during pregnancy I urge you to put your maternal health first and see her!” – Katherine, West Hartford, CT

“After years of privately struggling with pelvic floor issues, I finally found the courage the seek treatment. My only regret is not doing this sooner. PFT has changed my life and helped me feel like a woman. Farren is incredibly gifted at what she does and I really owe all my success to her. She not only is extremely patient and kind, but she has removed a lot of the stigma through her ability to educate me on my body. I am so happy I found her – I highly recommend her practice.” – S W, Wethersfield, CT

“You have been a courteous and caring professional throughout my course of treatment with you. Your instructions were easy to understand and as I told you, I learned more from my first session with you than I learned over the months of physical therapy I received last year.
I have enjoyed working with you to relieve my pelvic floor dysfunction. You have made a potentially embarrassing situation a comfortable experience for me. And I have enjoyed our conversations tremendously!” – Donna, Southington, CT

“Farren is one of a kind. When I was diagnosed with IC/PFD 5 years ago, I was sent to Farren for pelvic floor PT. I was against PT at the time; I never finished my treatments because I always thought they didn’t actually help. Well this time proved me wrong. When I met her, I told her my issues and she never once told me I was crazy or that it was fake. She listened, she explained the process for pelvic floor PT and told me to take my time with getting used to it. I trusted her almost immediately. And now, 5 years after my diagnosis, I have minimal pain, I can live a mostly normal life, and I credit a lot of that to Farren. When I tell people about her, I always say, “If it weren’t for this woman, I wouldn’t be standing in front of you like I am right now. I would most likely still be in severe pain, lying on my couch,” and every word of that is true. She takes the time with each patient and she listens to every word they say, never making you feel like your pain is insignificant. Farren knows how to read a person’s body language as well, which I think is so important in PT, especially pelvic floor. She will forever get 5 stars from me, she helped make me whole again and I am forever grateful to her” – Katie, Wethersfield, CT

“Farren clearly exemplifies numerous qualities of exemplary customer service. She is very knowledgeable, extremely personable, and always pleasant when providing instruction and guidance to her clients (in my case, pelvic contraction exercises). Not only does Farren provide a very caring experience for her clients, but also she is an extremely perceptive woman who is able to quickly anticipate and adjust her teaching methods to provide a most productive learning experience. I have had pelvic contraction therapy in the past. Farren is everything that my previous experience was not. She is very patient, very informative, and exhibits an extremely calm and relaxing demeanor in teaching very personal and often embarrassing exercises to her clients.” – David, Vernon, CT

“I wanted to personally let you know that you have one of the best therapists that I’ve ever had. She not only focused on the main problem areas that were diagnosed, but was also well aware of other areas that were being affected as a result. She is very proactive and thorough in her approach of working with patients. I have been very grateful and blessed to have had Farren be the lead therapist over these past months. I thank God for her who has helped my greatly.” – Lynn, Meriden, CT

“Dear Farren,
Sincere thanks for your thoughtfulness and sensitivity. You are a very special person, never change. You have made an uncomfortable situation comfortable and have helped me so much.  I enjoy our talks during my visit.” – Lorraine, Wallingford, CT

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