Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

What it is

Low back pain during pregnancy is very common as a result of the growing belly changing your center of gravity. This compression in the lumbar spine and anterior rotation of the pelvis can create other problems if not addressed.

How it is treated with physical therapy

Therapist will work on the soft tissue in the low back to help ease any muscle tension, as well as any other areas of tension found throughout the hips and thighs. You will be taught how to improve your posture as well as activity modifications that will help protect the low back. You will also be given any relevant stretching and strengthening exercises based on your presentation.
Prevention is one of the best ways to treat this condition. There is a lot you can do during pregnancy to decrease your chances of ending up with low back pain. Please see my Preventative Prenatal Visit page for more information.

Your Homework

You will be taught relevant stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as activity modifications for your daily activities to prevent further discomfort.

How many sessions

This varies dramatically from patient to patient. I have treated patients and they have felt ready to take on the rest of their pregnancy after just one visit, and I have had others that feel the manual therapy is a critical piece for them to have a comfortable third trimester and they have come every other week until delivery.

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