Scar Pain From Childbirth

What it is

C-section scars as well as episiotomy or natural tearing scars can cause women pain in the postpartum time. The c-section scar pain typically manifests as pain in the lower abdomen, possibly felt much deeper than skin level. Vaginal episiotomy or tearing scar pain tends to manifest as pain with intercourse, pelvic exams, or tampon use. They can also be felt when anything rubs or touches the area, such as tight clothing or sitting.

How it is treated with physical therapy

Therapist performs scar tissue mobilization in the affected tissue. This can break up any painful adhesions or restrictions in the scar and surrounding tissues. Episiotomy or natural tears are worked internally with a gloved finger. C-section scars are typically worked externally, though if deeper tissue is involved, internal work may be warranted.
Prevention is the best way to treat this condition. There is a lot you can do during the last trimester of pregnancy to decrease your chances of ending up with an episiotomy, natural tearing, or a c-section delivery. Please see my Preventative Prenatal Visit page for more information.

Your Homework

You will be taught how to perform scar tissue mobilization on your own. You are welcome to bring in your partner to assist with internal scar tissue mobilization if you would like. The sooner you are independent with your care, the sooner you can get back to life!

How many sessions

This is entirely dependent on how willing you are to work on yourself at home and how quickly you feel independent with this work. I have seen patients for as few as 3 visits and as many as 8 for this condition.

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